Facebook and the Cleantech Group collaborate on Cleanweb development contest

Facebook (FB) is teaming up with the Cleantech Group (a market intelligence and advisory service), to help explore new ways that the social network can raise awareness amongst its users about clean energy and how to reduce their environmental impact via the 'cleanweb'. The two organizations have launched a contest asking users to submit their concept pitches for products, applications, or services … [Read more...]

Goldman Sachs plans to accelerate clean energy investment

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), Goldman Sachs (GS) is once again the top arranger for renewable-energy stock offerings, overtaking Morgan Stanley. The bank is also accelerating its funding efforts as it anticipates a rebound in an industry that has slumped in recent years. Stuart Bernstein, head of Goldman's clean technology and renewables investment banking group, stated, “It … [Read more...]

Venture Capital and Cleantech weekly update

OneRoof Energy, a solar finance provider, has secured a $30 million capital investment from Korea-based Hanwha Group. OneRoof Energy has signed solar agreements totaling over $100 million and projected sales of solar financing deals of $300 million. It says within 2013 it will have helped develop solar rooftop systems for 10,000 homes. In a statement released this week, Hanwha Group said the … [Read more...]

New York’s energy efficiency policies utilize emerging Cleanweb companies

Both the State of New York and New York City are implementing some of the most ambitious energy efficiency goals in the country. Energy management software (EMS) companies are taking full advantage of the opportunities throughout New York to help both governments and building owners reduce energy use. As we have mentioned before, the cleanweb is a growing category of technologies including EMS … [Read more...]

Update on new financing mechanisms for cleantech industry

Venture capital investment and government support for cleantech has continued to fall and the trend is expected to continue this year. Many believe that start-up companies and innovative technologies currently searching for funding from the usual suspects will continue to have a tough time in 2013. The industry desperately needs more capital and finding available financing has become the key … [Read more...]

Venture Capital and Cleantech weekly update

Sungevity, a solar financing and solar software start-up, said that it has raised $40 million in venture capital and arranged an additional $85 million of investment in its rooftop solar-panel projects. Sungevity gained $40 million in equity, led by "impact investment fund" Brightpath Capital Partners and home improvement store Lowe's, along with Vision Ridge Partners, Craton Equity Partners and … [Read more...]

China surges past U.S. in cleantech investment

China has surged ahead of the US to regain its title as the world’s biggest investor in renewable energy, according to the latest numbers released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). China now accounts for a quarter of the global investment total of $269 billion in clean energy with an investment of $68 billion in the clean energy sector in 2012 while the US managed an investment of $44 … [Read more...]

Venture Capital and Cleantech weekly update

Digital Lumens, an intelligent LED lighting company, announced that it has raised $10 million in Series C funding. The money comes entirely from existing investors, including Black Coral Capital, Flybridge Capital Partners, and Stata Ventures. The company’s last round was a $10 million Series B back in April 2011. The funds will be used to expand into new sectors and international markets. The … [Read more...]

Gov. Cuomo announces ‘Green Bank’ to spur clean energy investment

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is proposing to create a "Green Bank" to spur private investment in clean energy projects. Funds from the bank would be matched with private sector money to offer low cost and lower risk financing for energy efficiency and clean energy projects.  He said his proposal would encourage more private market activity in clean energy, create jobs, and reduce consumer … [Read more...]

Will the renewable industry back a natural gas export policy?

Advances in the technique known as fracking have unlocked massive supplies of natural gas previously trapped deep underground, positioning the US to become the world’s largest producer of natural gas by 2015. The resulting oversupply has caused the domestic price to collapse to by more than 50% to $2-$3 per thousand-cubic-feet (Mcf). While cheap domestic gas is replacing coal in power plants in … [Read more...]