Cleantech and Venture Capital week in review

 Google's (GOOG) Nest, a home automation company, has agreed to buy home security and monitoring firm Dropcam for $555 million. Dropcam makes smart, wifi-enabled home monitoring systems that include motion sensors and cameras to track room-to-room movement. The monitoring systms could help Nest improve on their personalized energy management service. LIFX, a crowdfunded start-up that … [Read more...]

After recent Supreme Court ruling, battles over carbon rules may be fought at the state level

As the EPA wins battle after battle at the Supreme Court, the fossil fuel industry and its political allies may need to find a different strategy to fight the administration’s climate efforts. Just this week, the nation’s highest court largely upheld one piece of President Obama’s response to the threat of climate change. This is the third time in a decade that the court has validated the EPA’s … [Read more...]

Cleantech and Venture Capital week in review

Silevo, a solar panel manufacturer, was acquired by SolarCity (SCTY) in a bid to drive down costs. According to a filing SolarCity will pay $200 million worth of SolarCity common stock at the close of the transaction, and an option for another $150 million in shares upon achievement of certain milestones.With the purchase, SolarCity will become a manufacturer of solar modules. Silevo's current … [Read more...]

9 Companies That Will Likely Benefit From New Carbon Rules Proposed By EPA

9 Companies That Will Likely Benefit From New Carbon Rules Proposed By EPA (via Clean Technica)Originally published on Roen Financial Report.By Harris Roen A seismic shift in the power generation landscape is starting to sink in. It has been two weeks since the EPA announced its new proposed carbon rules, one of the flagship efforts of the Obama…  … [Read more...]

Massachusetts and Minnesota present two distinct solutions to the utility battle against solar

Battles over rooftop solar have been spreading all across the country recently, as utilities try to stem the tide of explosive growth in distributed generation. Two states, Massachusetts and Minnesota however, may have provided a blueprint for compromise between utilities and solar advocates. Both states took very different approaches to reach a settlement on the best way forward for utilities and … [Read more...]

Cleantech and Venture Capital week in review

 Boston-Power Inc., a battery manufacturer that got its start in the U.S. but moved most operations to China, is closing on a new investment of about $250 million, according to reports from the Wall St Journal. The company, founded in 2005 in Massachusetts, originally made lithium ion batteries for consumer electronics, but in 2011 launched its electric car lithium ion battery tech. Shortly after … [Read more...]

China and other developing countries led renewables growth in 2013

Developing Nations Led Renewables Growth in 2013 (via Renewable Energy News | Alphatech5)By RenewEconomy, Sophie Vorrath A new report has credited the renewable energy policy mechanisms of developing nations as the main drivers of recent growth in renewables, which last year accounted for more than 56 percent of net added global power capacity…  … [Read more...]

US Climate Action “Costs” Illuminated

US Climate Action “Costs” Illuminated (via Renewable Energy News | Alphatech5)By Rocky Mountain Institute Originally published on Rocky Mountain Institute. By Jules Kortenhorst Earlier this week, the United States Environmental Protection Agency announced new guidelines under the Clean Air Act limiting carbon dioxide emissions…  … [Read more...]

Corporates offer innovative platforms for cleantech startups

Corporate Open Innovation Platforms That Can Be Helpful For Cleantech Startups, Universities & Research Labs (via Clean Technica)By Denis Kuznetsov Open innovation has been a hot topic in the business world since its introduction by Professor H. Chesbrough in 2003. Having initially evolved in technology and consumer goods corporations (like IBM and P&G), the open innovation…  … [Read more...]

IEA report reinforces need for Clean Trillion to close energy investment gap

$48 Trillion For Energy Needed By 2035 (via Clean Technica)Originally published on Energy Post.By Karel Beckman Meeting the world’s growing need for energy will require more than $48 trillion in investment over the period to 2035, according to a special report on investment released [this week] by the…  … [Read more...]