Impact Investing

“Impact Investing” describes the active, intentional investment of capital into vehicles that create social or environmental benefits alongside financial returns.

By building these ‘triple bottom line’ criteria into investment analysis and portfolio construction, investors seek to identify more responsible companies for potential investment and to improve the sustainability performance of those in which they are already invested.  As more and more investment organizations look to integrate triple bottom line issues into their investment practices, this influence will only grow not diminish.


CtF provides clients with a thorough, customized portfolio analysis regarding the triple bottom line (financial, social and environmental) impact of current investments. The analysis includes TBL considerations in investment decisions to generate both positive societal impact and long-term competitive financial returns. The analysis also considers wide-ranging risks to changing policies, climate change risks, and ecosystem risks. In so doing, we bring to market new investment options and services across a wide array of asset classes that appeal to both individual, family offices, and institutional investors. The analysis will help the portfolio perform competitively and help address serious social and environmental challenges.


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