How will utilities adapt to a rapidly changing industry? Hint: it begins with customer and ends with service

With all of the discussion of a ‘utility death spiral’ caused by a rapid adoption of new technologies, along with new plans set forth by state regulators, investor owned utility leaders must be asking themselves how they are going to maintain satisfactory shareholder value. The utility’s current business model must to cope with declining long-term sales. Not a good candidate for a model that … [Read more...]

NREL and Colorado start-up combine to deliver a new generation of smart windows


Smart windows have been slow to grab a foothold in the construction and energy efficiency industry. The recent development of electrochromic (EC) windows, often called “smart windows”, promise to make a big impact on building heating and cooling costs. They are ‘smart’ because they can be programmed to absorb and reflect a different amount of light throughout the day in order to cool or warm up a … [Read more...]

House Passes Building Energy Efficiency Bill

House Passes Building Energy Efficiency Bill (via Solar Feeds) In a surprise move, the US House passed an important energy efficiency bill, the first bipartisan bill on energy policy since 2007 - the Better Buildings Act of 2014. Sponsored by Reps. David McKinley (R-WVA) and Peter Welch (D-VT), it establishes… … [Read more...]

Recent deals could help energy efficiency projects scale up as securitization efforts expand

Efforts to open up greater amounts of financing for energy efficiency projects are moving forward, slowly but surely. Experts are acutely aware of the enormous potential of energy efficiency to lower energy costs and reduce GHG emissions, but finding ways to monetize such projects has been difficult, as better policy and regulation is needed. In addition, standardized measures and verification … [Read more...]