How will utilities adapt to a rapidly changing industry? Hint: it begins with customer and ends with service

With all of the discussion of a ‘utility death spiral’ caused by a rapid adoption of new technologies, along with new plans set forth by state regulators, investor owned utility leaders must be asking themselves how they are going to maintain satisfactory shareholder value. The utility’s current business model must to cope with declining long-term sales. Not a good candidate for a model that … [Read more...]

Utility insiders see major changes coming

Utility Insiders See Major Changes Coming (Charts) (via Clean Technica) The folks at Utility Dive recently conducted its first annual survey of 500+ US utility professionals, “The State of the Electric Utility.” Overall findings? Utility insiders see the industry changing considerably over the coming decade, with… … [Read more...]

Can Hurricane Sandy spur the adoption of smart microgrid technologies?

When natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy hit, economic impacts can be enormous due to property and infrastructure damage. An often overlooked economic impact is the enormous financial impact of power outages due to lost work days and productivity. While infrastructure repair after such disasters can actually in some cases add to overall economic growth, power outages do not and in fact often … [Read more...]

Smart Grid investment discouraging in the short-term….

Investment in smart grid technologies has disappointed investors across the spectrum over the past few years, but does that mean the industry is a financial black hole? The development of a ‘smart grid’ is designed to adapt and react to supply and demand changes, integrating renewable energy, variable electricity costs, and energy storage into an aging energy and water infrastructure. There were … [Read more...]