Impact Investing Portfolio Analysis

Cleantech Finance provides clients with a thorough, customized portfolio analysis regarding the triple bottom line (financial, social and environmental) impact of current investments. The analysis includes TBL considerations in investment decisions to generate both positive societal impact and long-term competitive financial returns. The analysis also considers wide-ranging risks to changing policies, climate change risks, and ecosystem risks. In so doing, we bring to market new investment options and services across a wide array of asset classes that appeal to both individual, family offices, and institutional investors. Our analysis helps the portfolio perform competitively while addressing serious social and environmental challenges.

Impact investing occurs across asset classes, including public equity markets, private equity / venture capital, debt, and fixed income. New investment vehicles that are available to impact investors include climate and green bonds, community investment funds, microfinance and crowdfunding.

Our proprietary impact analysis harnesses the tools of “conventional” financial analysis and portfolio construction and applies them to impact and socially responsible investing. The result is a portfolio that seeks impact across the full breadth of asset classes, rates of return which are competitive with conventional investments and, most importantly, a portfolio designed to achieve specific goals as established by each impact investor.



Cleantech Finance brings a valuable combination of cleantech industry experience, technical knowledge, and financial expertise to its engagements. Through our research and insights processes, CtF helps our clients explore and identify solutions to clean energy opportunities and challenges. Some of this valuable work includes analyzing relevant trends, competitive benchmarking and helping companies identify the right opportunities and big ideas that will create impact and differentiate them within their industry and market. We can assist you with developing and evaluating financial packages that support clean energy and sustainable development.

In an increasingly crowded competitive landscape, decision makers need critical advice about markets, technologies, and strategy – both to position existing business for growth and to launch new businesses wisely. Contact us for more on our consulting capabilities.


Market Research

Cleantech Finance provides customized market research, article, and report writing services to firms focused on the cleantech and investment industry. CtF develops surveys, executive interviews, and conducts secondary research to gather meaningful data on technology trends and market developments. Research is presented in clear, well written, actionable reports that are cost-effectiveness and are of superior quality.

We also provide custom market research services to support the due diligence of angel investors, and venture capital firms who invest in cleantech startups. If you are a start-up cleantech firm or potential investor, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.


Investor Database

If you are an entrepreneur and have a clean technology idea or business that needs funding, please let us know. Cleantech Finance is in contact with venture capitalists, angel investors, foundations, private equity and institutional investors.

If you are an investor looking for new investments, or are interested in an impact evaluation of a current investment or portfolio, please contact us. We can provide the crucial information that investors need to do their own next deal to deliver social and environmental impact along with financial returns.