The Carbon Bubble continues to grow as multiple reports warn of risks to financial markets

Image courtesy of the Carbon Tracker Initiative

Several new reports came to light last week warning investors and governments of a potential ‘Carbon Bubble’ that has inflated the market value of fossil fuel companies and increased the risk of financial markets. Banks, government pensions, and other institutional investors could see $1 trillion of fossil fuel assets currently in reserve at risk if policymakers agree to cut emissions of … [Read more...]

The Green Bank Academy provides lessons learned, direction for states looking to help finance clean energy

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The clean energy sector, backed by innovative entrepreneurs, investors and government policymakers, has seen enormous growth over the past 6 years. U.S. solar power capacity recently surpassed 10 gigawatts as the price of solar panels has fallen some 75 percent during the past five years. Every 4 minutes, US installers put a new solar system on a rooftop according to GTM Research. Wind … [Read more...]