Two New Green Investing Options Could Help Avoid The Carbon Bubble

Two New Green Investing Options Could Help Avoid The Carbon Bubble (via Clean Technica) It’s one of the biggest hurdles facing fossil fuel divestment: Where to find sustainable investment options that create secure returns on investment in an energy market often dominated by fossil fuel companies. But thanks to action taken by two of… … [Read more...]

Recent activity shows growing appetite for Green and Climate Bonds

Recent activity is fueling the interest in climate and green bonds as more and more banks and international lending institutions see significant demand. Current estimates place the value of the green bonds market upwards of $346 billion. There’s no standard definition, format or project-type for climate/green bonds, making assessing their market presence somewhat problematic. However, the demand … [Read more...]

Chinese government action increase interest in Climate Bonds

As interest in Climate (or Green) Bonds continue to grow in the US and Europe, China does not seem to be letting this new investment opportunity pass by. As the Climate Bond Initiative (CBI) recently reported, the government has issued several new rulings impacting the development of climate bonds. China’s State Council recently published a comprehensive plan to maintain a 15% annual growth for … [Read more...]