Toyota issues in demand Green Bonds to drive efficient vehicles

Image courtesy of Toyota Motor Corp

Last month, Toyota issued the world’s first “green bond” of asset-backed securities in the auto industry. The $1.75 billion bond’s net proceeds will be used to acquire retail installment sale contracts and lease contracts to finance new Toyota and Lexus gas-electric hybrid or alternative fuel powertrain vehicles. The bond has multiple tranches, each at a different (Moody) ratings levels: A2 … [Read more...]

Institutions snap up Green Bonds as more investors see clean energy returns

The appetite for Green Bonds is beginning to expand far beyond niche investors as the economic and social benefits of clean energy projects combine for a very attractive investment product. Green Bond (sometimes called climate bonds) issuances increased more than fivefold in 2013, with 29 deals worth a total of $11.2 billion according to Dealogic. 11 bonds have already been issued in 2014, worth a … [Read more...]

With disappointing 2013 cleantech numbers in, organizations call for better ideas to reach a ‘Clean Trillion’

Image courtesy of Ceres

As the data on cleantech investment numbers from 2013 arrive, policymakers and many investors are focused on getting the message that the level of investment in cleantech, both through venture capital and project development, is far below what is needed to avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change. The message is not just regarding the environmental impacts of climate change, but the … [Read more...]