Cleanweb tools grow as consumers demand more home energy management capabilities

Earlier, we discussed how the enormous private equity firm Blackstone placed a huge investment in Vivint, hoping to take advantage of the growing demand for  next generation ‘connected home’ technologies. These technologies utilize cloud-based data management with the increased demand by utilities and their customers for smart grid technologies. While adoption of these new cleanweb technologies by … [Read more...]

The Jetson’s home of the future gets closer to reality

The Jetsons cartoon celebrated its 50th birthday this past weekend, and while we don’t have flying cars and moving sidewalks yet, part of the cartoon’s futuristic vision is finally becoming a reality. In the Jetson’s home, everything could be controlled by the press of a button on a remote control. Blackstone (BX), one of the world’s largest private equity firms, is placing a big bet on the market … [Read more...]