Boulder And The Spread Of Community Choice Utilities

Boulder And The Spread Of Community Choice Utilities (via Clean Technica) Originally published on San Diego Loves Greenby Roy L. Hales Boulder Colorado’s election results are being heralded as yet another “solar victory,” in a string that stretches back to the Louisiana and Idaho Public Utilities Commissions decisions… … [Read more...]

Xcel criticizes Boulder’s reliance on federal tax credits for cheaper renewable energy

Xcel Energy is criticizing the City of Boulder’s attempts to form a municipal utility on several different fronts. Boulder believes it can provide greener power at lower rates than Xcel Energy and it has released studies by consultants that show how this would be feasible. Xcel maintained that Boulder relies on unrealistic assumptions and has come out with several position papers arguing that the … [Read more...]

Can the City of Boulder become the model for the utility of the future?

The utility industry is facing drastic changes as renewable energy turns consumers into producers and hollows out the centralized production model. Many experts believe that unless the utilities reinvent themselves soon, their market share will begin to dwindle. We are currently seeing the emergence of economically viable electric distribution and operation systems, the microgrids of the future. … [Read more...]