Electric vehicle battery maker A123’s financing lifeline could be at risk

Once thought of as leading the electric vehicle revolution, struggling U.S. lithium-ion battery maker A123 (AONE) announced earlier this year that it needs to raise cash to stay afloat, and only had enough cash for about 4 to 5 months of operation as of July. Just months earlier, it announced that would need to “adjust” its fundraising plans because of the $55 million cost of recalling Fisker … [Read more...]

Investors shine to innovative solar financing

Innovative solar financing continues to lead a boom in solar installations across the country (previous discussion found here). Third-party financing of solar, in the form of a lease or power purchase agreement (PPA), is becoming the leading method by which homeowners can afford to install rooftop solar. Beginning in June of 2001, a majority of Californians choose to use third-party-owned solar … [Read more...]

Electric vehicles have disappointed investors, but don’t throw that plug away just yet

Electric vehicles have made it back into the news this week as a handful of fully electric Tesla (TSLA) Model S Signature Performance sedans were presented to their owners at the company’s factory, each priced around $100,000. The luxury sedans were fitted with the most powerful battery pack available from the start-up automaker. Billions of dollars of investment from the federal government and … [Read more...]