German utility RWE Dramatically Changing Its Business Model

RWE Dramatically Changing Its Business Model, Making Radical Departure From Conventional Utility Approach (via Clean Technica) Much has been written about the potential death of utility companies that don’t adapt to the distributed, clean energy revolution that is underway. They’ve been called dinosaurs, obstructionists, dummies, and much more. Well, it seems that German… … [Read more...]

NRG Energy looks to change the entire utility business model


David Crane, president and CEO of NRG Energy (NRG) has outlined his vision for the utility of the future where consumers disconnect from their electric utility. In this new model, NRG would offer individual customers a package that includes both solar PV and natural gas-fired generation, allowing them to create their own electricity without the need for the rest of the grid. The shift to … [Read more...]